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PSW Education

Jun 23, 2014 |

PSW Education is a new educational based website designed to help investors with their financial goals. We show investors how to better understand the stock market in order to make more informed investment decisions. Investors will learn about stock charts and how to identify supply and demand zones. Furthermore PSW Education will educate the investor [...more]

Stock Market Outlook

Jun 18, 2014 |

In February of 2014 Janet Yellen began her four year appointment as Chair of the Board of Governors of the United States Federal Reserve System. She was appointed by President Barrack Obama and replaced Ben Bernanke. Yellen stated that she hopes to…”meet the great responsibilities that Congress has entrusted the Federal Reserve-to promote employment, stabilize [...more]

The latest Economic Numbers and what it means.

Jun 9, 2014 |

The U.S. economic numbers that came out on Friday were very strong with a jump of 217,000 jobs to bring the unemployment rate to a 6 year low. Most of the newly created jobs were in the transportation sector. The VIX which is the volatility index is sitting near its lower levels, which usually indicate [...more]